After a few setbacks, impossible to be worked around and which caused delays beyond what was desirable,
Theriomorphic's new EP, entitled «Of Fire And Light», will be finally available on April 23rd, 2018.
It will be, initially, in digital format with layout and lyrics, for free download.
Afterwards, it should be released in physical format(s), yet to be defined.

The EP had collaborations of Daniel C. (Tod Huetet Uebel),
Ivo Martins (Grog)​and Miguel Tereso (Primal Attack/Demigod​Recordings).
It​was recorded​and mixed by Ricardo Queluz, in QB Rock Studios.

The release will bear the seal of Dethstar Digital, the digital edition department of Dethstar Wreck'ordes,
that already released the second album «The Beast Brigade» in CD and co-released the cassette version
of the first album «Enter The Mighty Theriomorphic», celebrating the tenth anniversary of the album's original release.

«Of Fire And Light» can be downloaded for free, starting April 23rd, in the following links:

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